Friday, 15 September 2017

Why should we choose uPVC Doors and Windows?

A beautiful house is what most people dream about! One of the most important aspects, undermined by a majority is the natural light streaming in the rooms, making windows a very important facet of a house. Over time, windows have moved from being holes in the walls to become adorned by wood and metals. The latest material used for the construction of windows as well as doors is now uPVC or un-plasticised poly vinyl chloride. A perfect house must have a perfect set of uPVC Doors and Windows!

Now, the question will arise as to why should we choose uPVC Doors and Windows instead of conventional metal counterparts? Why are architects and engineers now opting for uPVC Doors or Windows for their projects. There are several strong factors behind the rising popularity and some of them are listed below:

●Maintenance — With the busy lives of most people, it In the long run, it is a question of how easy it is to maintain the doors or window of a house. In the case of uPVC Windows, all that is required is a swift wipe with a dry cloth. Since India is a dust-laden country, a daily wipe is enough, and if it does get greasy, you can use a cloth soaked in mild detergent to clean the frame. There is no need to repaint them after a couple of summers.

●Durability — uPVC Doors are strong and sturdy. They are built from uPVC material that is much more durable than wood, which is prone to flaking and rotting, or metal that is prone to rust and corrosion. They can withstand the test of harsh weather and corrosion to last a long time. Additionally, the uPVC products are flame resistant and resilient to sea breeze corrosion.

●Soundproof — uPVC Windows are soundproof. This is a big benefit for people living on noisy roads or cities. If you are a creative person and are disturbed by the sounds even within the house, these doors and windows can be a great option.

Cost effective — uPVC Doors and windows are economical as compared to their traditional counterparts. They cost less than wooden frames, require less running around getting the perfect groove on the wood and since there will be no warping or fading with moisture or the sun, it makes, they are definitely more cost effective, even in the long run. 

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Cost Saving Benefits of uPVC Windows

uPVC is the short form of Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride, which is a polymer that has been used in the development of windows and doors since the early 90s. Here are five cost saving benefits of uPVC windows that make them an excellent choice for your residential space – 

uPVC is an extremely strong polymer with high tensile strength. Windows made from uPVC will last you at least a few decades as unlike traditional materials like wood or aluminum, uPVC does not rust. uPVC is also immune to termites which make it an excellent choice for outdoors. 

2.Energy Efficient
uPVC is a highly-insulated material that does not allow the transfer of heat very easily. This property allows you to keep your house cool during the summer and warm during the winter at a fraction of a cost. This way, uPVC helps you save a ton of money on your monthly electricity bill. 

3.Easy Maintenance
uPVC doors and windows are very easy to maintain. Unlike traditional materials, uPVC windows do not lose their look or gloss even after heavy duty use. You can simply clean them using detergent and water, and they do not require oiling or cleaning on a monthly basis. The material is also resistant to rust and moisture, unlike wood or metal. 

uPVC is relatively cheaper when compared to its counterparts like wood or metal. These materials cost at least 20% more than uPVC and require regular maintenance. On the other hand, uPVC is dirt cheap and does not require regular maintenance. 

5.Secure and Safe
uPVC windows are as safe as your traditional windows, if not more. Most uPVC windows come with steel core construction which helps reinforce the structure. Combined with a sturdy lock, uPVC windows will be able to keep even the most determined of intruders at bay, all the while saving you tons of money.

uPVC is an excellent construction material that has many cost saving benefits. The points stated above will help you make an educated comparison between traditional windows and uPVC windows. And if you have made the decision, there are many uPVC windows companies in India that can help you choose the right one for your home/office/building.

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Journey towards Success & Growth

“We must remain focused on the journey to greatness”, this has been the mantra of our growth since the inception of Koemmerling in India on 25th May, 2013. We are proud to complete four years of production in India and feel proud in saying that profine India took a great initiative by establishing manufacturing facility in India by contributing towards #MakeinIndia campaign. Our facility at Vadodara is well equipped with all modern and state of the art technology having machinery from Battenfeld, Germany and tooling from Greiner. The top-end equipment ensures the quality of brand Koemmerling. We are also committed to innovating new technology that contributes in making the world a better place to live. As a result for several years now, all Koemmerling profiles have been produced with 100 % lead-free material making it environment-friendly.

On this occasion, I would like to thank my channel partners who have shown their overwhelming support since inception and being with us in this continuous journey towards prosperity. I also thank my team at profine India who has made this journey exciting, memorable and successful. Hope the time to come will prove even more fruitful and satisfactory to all of us.

Thank you

Farid Khan
Director & CEO

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

There is only one thing that will help in reducing the unwanted sound : Koemmerling High Sound Insulated Window s

Roads, industry, train lines, planes: our world is getting noisier and noisier. It is more important than ever to prevent this noise from penetrating the home and office. It has
been proved that excess noise makes us ill, whether or not we are aware of it.

Sound insulated windows not only ensure a better quality of life – they also play an important role in our health. Here is a video that explains the importance of sound-insulated windows.

For more information, please visit

Saturday, 17 September 2016

uPVC Windows and Environment

Koemmerling uPVC windows and doors are suitable for any type of weather and every terrain and they are a great space-saver. But apart from their many amazing qualities, one thing that stands out about uPVC windows and doors is that they are environment friendly. For several years now, all Koemmerling window and door profiles bear the patent “Greenline” Trademark wherein all the profiles are free from heavy metal/lead and only produced by using Calcium-zinc stabliser. Calcium-zinc is a new type of stabiliser that makes uPVC profiles even more resistant to the most aggressive weather conditions.
While many may go for the conventional windows and doors, an environment-conscious person would go for the environment friendly/ eco-friendly/ green windows. It does its part in saving as many trees as it can. The other reason uPVC windows and doors are called environment friendly/ eco-friendly/ green windows  is the fact that they are actually energy efficient. It save electricity consumption due to its efficient thermal insulation feature. The technology behind this energy efficiency is that uPVC windows and doors are double glazed and thereforeare better insulated. By properly insulating your house you are making sure that your already heated or cool house remains in that state for a longer time period by trapping the appropriate heat and preventing it from escaping or entering the house. By using uPVC windows and doors you are reducing your resource consumption and thus helping in overall benefit of the environment.

Hopefully this information will make you aware of the advanatage of having environment friendly uPVC windows and doors and motivate you to choose from a wide range of Koemmerling uPVC windows and doors and do your part in helping the environment.

Monday, 13 June 2016

How Koemmerling uPVC windows cut down power bills

Energy efficient doors and windows may sound new to you but it is a fact that the older a building’s doors and windows get, the less energy efficient they are. Now you might wonder, how can doors and windows be energy efficient? Well, according to studies all houses/offices lose or gain their heat (energy) via their windows which also leads to higher energy (electricity) bills. But there is a way you can save yourself that pain, which is changing your traditional doors and windows to uPVC frames and glazed glasses. This way not only can you cut down on the cooling or heating cost but also the workplace wouldn’t look so old and dingy as before. You can first decide what kind of framing goes in your office. You can make the workplace look fancy and colourful with variety of colour options. There is one brand Koemmerling that meets all of the above requirements. So go ahead and renovate your office or pitch this idea to your boss, maybe?

Monday, 8 February 2016

Koemmerling Architects Lounge

Welcome to "Koemmerling Architects Lounge" Fensterbau Frontale India 2016, at Bombay Convention and Exhibition Centre, Mumbai
From 25th - 27th February, 2016